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14 Mar

The Best Time to Visit Vancouver In 2023

Vancouver is an incredible city with an awful lot to offer its inhabitants and visitors. Surrounded by mountains on three sides and the beautiful and bountiful Salish Sea on the Western edge, there is never a shortage of wonderful outdoor activities.

However, it is a city of three pretty extreme seasons so people often wonder; ‘When is the best time to visit Vancouver?’

It can be tricky to plan a holiday when you aren’t sure which season is right for you, but booking a room in the gorgeous Hotel L’Hermitage in the Downtown District, one of the finest hotels near Canada Place Vancouver, will make sure that you are in the perfect location to explore this staggering city. Hopefully this guide will help you to find the perfect time to visit this stunning city, and have the holiday of your dreams.

Visiting in Summer

If you’re an outdoors sports enthusiast, then Vancouver in the summer will have a lot to offer you. Surrounded by mountains, it is the perfect place for hiking with stunning views. You can visit hot springs in the area, cross incredible suspension bridges and wander through ancient forests. It is also one of the best locations in the world for mountain biking, so check out the North Shore trail system.

For the rock climbers out there, the world famous Sqaumish is just half an hour up the road; or heading out onto the water for a bit of whale spotting is a huge draw for many. The city’s beaches allow for an incredible beach holiday on the sands in Stanley Park or in the Kitsilano neighborhood.

Visiting In Winter

If you feel like you are more of a snow sports kind of person then Vancouver has you covered. Grouse and Cyprus mountains are quite literally 20 minutes from the city centre, the world famous Whistler is an hour away and there are several more mountain resorts to enjoy in the area. There are miles and miles of nordic trails, ice climbing, ice skating, snow shoeing, fat biking- you get the idea. The copious snow does not really slow the city down- at all.

The Cheapest Time to Visit

If you’re looking for a budget holiday, or simply trying to save a few pennies, then avoiding peak season is a good idea. Peak summer season is obviously July and August, and peak winter would be the Christmas period, and any kind of  school holiday over the course of the winter.

The Worst Time to Visit

In reality; there really is not a bad time to visit the city. Every season holds something miraculous and unique. If pressed to give an answer, then the rainy season just before the summer begins would probably be the least good time- but it still has a lot to offer, and between the rain you’ll get some staggeringly sunny and colorful days.

The rainforest will be an incredibly dense green explosion, the cherry blossoms in the city will be in full bloom and the area’s stunning wildlife will be appearing for the summer season.

Vancouver; a Year Round Destination

So there you have it. The only definitive answer to the question “When is the best time to visit Vancouver?” is whenever you want! It depends what you’re looking for, and there is a lot on offer.

The only thing that is certain is that your room at L’Hermitage Hotel will be comfortable and luxurious, and that the best afternoon tea Vancouver offers will be sumptuous.