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30 Jan

Romantic Vancouver Adventures for a Memorable Getaway

The striking beauty of Vancouver makes it the perfect setting for couples to enjoy a romantic getaway! With a plethora of activities to enjoy in British Columbia’s largest city, there’s something for every couple to love! Be it tranquil romantic walks or viewing the sunset, read on to plan the perfect Vancouver itinerary for you and your loved one!

Take the Capilano Suspension Bridge Walk 

Capilano Suspension Bridge

The picturesque Capilano Suspension Bridge, stretching across 500 feet over the serene Capilano River is perfect for a romantic day out or enjoy some thrilling activities! You and your special one will fall in love with the scenic views of the lush green forest as you cross the legendary bridge and walk through the rainforest with the spectacular Treetops Adventure! Experience an adrenaline rush as you take the ‘Cliffwalk’ above the canyon and listen to the sound of the river waves.

Look out for Capilano’s very popular Canyon Lights that run through the end of January. Plan a dreamy romantic getaway with your boutique stay at the luxurious L’Hermitage Hotel, nestled in the bustling heart of downtown Vancouver. Be it biking trails, beaches, or other fun-filled adventures, enjoy it all with utmost ease and make lasting memories with your special one!

Delight in a Skate Date at Robson Square

robson street

Nothing beats the idea of an old-fashioned, fun-filled skate date in Vancouver! Have a great time with your special one as you learn and show off your ice-skating skills at the oh-so-popular Robson Square Ice Rink. The ice-skating rink opens throughout the week and is free to enter! With its location in the heart of downtown Vancouver, the semi-enclosed rink also opens during the late hours! Look out for the special events and have a great time, finding your way through ice with live music and catchy laser light shows to add to the experience.

Explore VanDusen Botanical Garden

Vandusen Botanical garden

The simplest date ideas with peaceful conversations, a tranquil setting and soul-soothing, warm drinks in your hand are always one to remember! If you’re planning a romantic Vancouver getaway with luxurious hotel suites in Vancouver, a stroll in the serene VanDusen Botanical Garden is a must! Take in the charming views and explore the secluded pathways with your partner for a memorable experience! Beat the crowds as you take a self-guided tour of the botanical garden or explore its majestic, displayed collection about the importance of plants in our lives! Look out for the unique stone sculptures and spot incredible wildlife like Bald Eagles and Great Blue Herons that call this place home!

Bike Along Vancouver’s Seawall

Vancouver Seawall

Biking is a scenic way to take in the city or countryside views with your cherished one! Tour the city’s extraordinary shoreline and beaches as you get on the most exciting 20-kilometer cycling adventure from downtown Vancouver to Kitsilano. It’s the best way to enjoy a great time together with that much-needed endorphin boost! There are various fantastic scenic biking trails throughout Vancouver, including Stanley Park and Sunset Beach Park.

Take in the Sunset View at a Beach

Jericho Beach

If your idea of a romantic date with your special one is long walks on beautiful beaches and the mesmerizing view of the sunset, Vancouver is just the place to be! Enjoy a stroll with the golden light of the sun setting in and the sounds of the gentle waves, creating the perfect backdrop! Some of the best beaches for romantic walks in the city include:

Kitsilano Beach 

Kitsilano Beach

The Kitsilano Beach also famously known as the ‘Kits’ Beach is home to the longest swimming pool in Canada and offers unmatchable panoramic views of downtown Vancouver and North Shore Mountains.

Sunset Beach 

If you’re looking to explore a less populated beach in Vancouver, then make the perfect choice with Sunset Beach, a designated quiet beach in the city for romantic dates, located close to the West End.

Vancouver is full of alluring sites and romantic hotspots for couples to have the perfect experience! So, reserve your stay at one of the boutique hotels in Vancouver and have a great time!