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Christmas Festival Market
14 Oct

Everything you Need to Know About The Vancouver Christmas Market

Wherever you are in the world, you’ll never be far from a market during a cultural festive period. In Vancouver especially, the possibilities are endless. With lots of festive cheer during December and views to match, the period has become one of the best times of the year for guests at the L’Hermitage Hotel Vancouver to enjoy the broad array of Christmas delights. With stunning views over the Vancouver Harbour and the glittering cityscape twinkling at night, the city is well-versed in Christmas spirit.


For the Scrooges visiting Vancouver this Christmas, there’s one attraction that’ll undoubtedly get the mulled wine flowing and a smile on your face. The Vancouver Christmas Market is one of the most popular markets in the country and promises some of the best festive samplers in the city. Whether you’re browsing with your loved ones or desperately searching for a last-minute stocking filler, the market melds the social and the functional for an all-encompassing festive market experience unmatched by many others in British Columbia. 


Jack Poole Plaza Christmas Market


Based on the Jack Poole Plaza overlooking Vancouver Harbour, this Christmas Market offers over 80 stalls ranging from food, drinks and gifts. With the stalls inspirations coming from the traditional German Christkindlmarkts, the ornately decorated market stalls bring plenty of yuletide cheer and promise festive light shows, decorations and ornaments. 


Availability and attractions


Based just off of Vancouver Harbour, the market promises a great view, especially after sunset when the Christmas lights show off the markets true character. This is especially prevalent in the Lovers Lane Light Alley. 


Open throughout the day and into the evening, the Christmas Market is a family-friendly attraction in Vancouver, offering carousels, Christmas trees and even a festive scavenger hunt! Whilst details are yet to be disclosed on opening hours for the carousel and scavenger hunt, you can book on the Vancouver Christmas Market website.


Food stalls

Food Stall

Whilst the L’Hermitage restaurant in Vancouver offers up tasty Christmas dinners, you can find more bite-sized festive treats at the Vancouver Christmas Market. From Austrian Wafflehouses to Transylvanian chimney cakes, the variety of food stalls on display promises a variety of cultural and international treats.


Standouts include the Freybe Brat Haus, a hot dog and sausage vendor with a culture dating back 172 years. Another must-visit for great food is Das Apfel Haus, specializing in German candy apples and crisp winter apple-based drinks. 


Gift stalls

Gift Stall

From local arts and crafts to international retailers, the gift stalls at the Vancouver Christmas Market are the perfect answer to stocking filler presents. With Christmas jumpers and craft cider brewers Howling Moon, you’ll find local craftsmanship at its best. That’s before we even get started on the Woodman, a local woodwork stall that craft you gifts from local maple. 




For guests staying at Vancouver accommodation who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the market, the Wunderbar is a bookable event space that gives you a sample of Christmas themed cocktails, beautiful lighting and a charcuterie board of authentic German chocolate.