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7 Mar

A Guide to Seeing Vancouver’s Cherry Blossoms

There are plenty of reasons to visit Vancouver. For one thing it is an outdoor activities haven offering copious amounts of rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing, hiking and many more things. The city itself is a stunning place to explore, and the food found here is amongst the best in the country. But one thing people often don’t realize is that Vancouver is one of the premier locations in North America for cherry blossom spotting. Vancouver in the spring is pretty gorgeous anyway, what with the mountains and rainforest that surround it, but in cherry blossom season the city takes on a whole new level of beauty.

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The History of Vancouver’s Cherry Blossoms

Now, you may be wondering why a city like Vancouver has such beautiful cherry blossoms, and the answer is quite interesting. After the First World War, Japan sent hundreds of cherry trees to Canada in honour of the Japanese Canadians who fought in the war. The cherry blossoms were planted in Stanley Park and actually replaced some of the existing deciduous trees that were causing problems.

The cherry blossoms were obviously very popular, and by the time the 1950s rolled around the trend had intensified- it is now thought that there are over 43,000 cherry trees in Vancouver alone. So where is the best place to see them?

1. Stanley Park/ West End

Stanley Park is the place to be in blooming season, with several hundred trees of differing varieties.The double row of Shirotae trees that lead to the stunning Japanese memorial have become an icon of the city, with the beautiful trees gifted by Japan blossoming a bright white.

2. UBC Campus

Surprisingly the UBC Campus is one of the cherry blossom hot spots in the city, with several trees to be found around the campus area, as well as a fantastic botanical garden.

3. Kitsilano

Kitsilano is the chilled out ‘beach vibe’ neighborhood of the city- and their cherry blossoms are amongst the very best. Just wandering around the highstreet and coastal area in mid april will be an absolute pleasure.

4. Arbutus Ridge

Arbutus Ridge is home to the very rare, and very beautiful, Birch Bark Cherry Tree. It is a sight to behold walking under the stunning white blossoming canopy, supported by the copper coloured trunks and branches.

5. Riley Park/ Queen Elizabeth Park

Riley Park is attached to the much larger Queen Elizabeth Park, and both are home to a stunning collection of cherry blossoms. They even play host to some of the increasingly rare Pink Perfection Cultivars- so get over there and check them out.

Explore Vancouver

So there you have it, some of the very best locations where you can see Vancouver in full bloom. Explore the stunning beauty of the city’s cherry blossoms, and find your inner peace.