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stanley park
6 Jun

Top activities at Stanley Park Vancouver, BC

Vancouver is an amazing city to visit and summer is the best time to spend a holiday in this part of British Columbia, Canada. Vancouver is famous for its amazing natural beauty, world-class attractions, great shopping, active nightlife and culinary treasures. If you are on a trip to the city, one of the most prominent tourist spots to visit is Stanley Park. With over 8 million visitors, including both locals and tourists perhaps it is the most prominent landmark in the city.

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The L’hermitage Hotel Vancouver is a fine 5-star property with world-class facilities and amenities and within easy access to Stanley Park (hotels near Stanley Park Vancouver, Canada). Some of the best activities to enjoy in the park are:

stanley park

Explore the Seawall:

Stretching approximately 5.5 miles the Seawall that encircles the park extends as far as downtown. A very popular attraction to explore in the park, it always has crowds of people cycling, walking, rollerblading or jogging whatever the weather conditions.  Extremely picturesque in nature this paved pathway offers a wonderful view of the park and its surroundings. It completely encircles the park with a view of the northern mountains, Lion’s Gate Bridge and the city.

Stanley Park Gardens:

Stanley park garden

While there is a myriad of things to do in the park, taking a stroll through its stunning gardens is a must. With imposing fir and cedar trees spread across the park it is a glorious place to explore on foot. Then, of course, there are the breathtakingly beautiful gardens, three of them to be precise. These are The Ted & Mary Greig Rhododendron Garden, the unique carpet bedding of Prospect Point and the impressive Stanley Park Rose Garden.

Vancouver Aquarium:

vancouver aquarium

The aquarium has existed in the park since 1956 and is a star attraction in the area. The largest marine life aquarium in Canada it houses more than 70,000 forms of marine life. These include dolphins, exotic fish species, Beluga Whales and rare species of marine wildlife. The aquarium plays a pivotal role in promoting the significance of conserving marine habitats and hosts numerous information and educational events for visitors.

Stanley Park Miniature Train:

Miniature train stanley

A hit with kids as well as grownups a ride aboard the famous Stanley Park miniature train is a thrilling experience. Passengers get to pass through thickly forested areas across meandering tracks, crossing trestles, and through tunnels in a ride surrounded by pristine wilderness. The schedule for the train is in the summer (end of June – to early September) or during special events like the Christmas theme Bright Nights and the Halloween Ghost Train.

Theatre Under the Stars:

A regular summer affair TUTS (Theatre Under the Stars) has been on every summer since the 1940s. Visitors get to enjoy musical shows in an al fresco setting in the Malkin Bowl area in the park. There are two new major musical events introduced every summer. Some of the top past performances include Annie Get your Gun, Grease etc.


Why is Stanley Park named Stanley Park?

The Stanley Park was named after Lord Stanley a British Politician. This area was turned to a first park in Vancouver in 1886.

Why is Stanley Park closed?

Stanley Park is closed between Siwash Rock and the Lions Gate Bridge because of falling ice and ice blockage. This part od the park is closed during the winter

What is there to do at Stanley Park?

Bike or Walk the Seawall.

Scenic Drive.

Brockton Point Totem Poles.

Blue Heron. …

Lost Lagoon.

Editor’s Pick Third Beach.

Beaver Lake.

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