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20 Feb

Romantic things for a couple to enjoy in Vancouver

Vancouver has an abundance of natural beauty, making it a wonderful location to enjoy a holiday for a couple. The spots around Downtown Vancouver have plenty of scenic urban parks and stunning waterfronts. With beautiful beaches and the impressive Vancouver Seawall, there are plenty of areas to explore on foot as a couple. In short, Vancouver really is a romantic place to go.

The Downtown area also is home to the popular L’ Hermitage Hotel in Vancouver a great place for a couple to stay in luxury and comfort. Guests can enjoy an Afternoon Tea Vancouver experience at the trendy onsite L’ Hermitage Restaurant as well.

Just a few of the things to do a couple in town include:

See the exquisite Aurora Borealis: One of the most beautiful natural spectacles to experience is the Northern Lights also called the Aurora Borealis. This happens over the North Pole and subject to its solar maximum event and how much towards the south it extends, visitors may get a rare opportunity to see the phenomenon in Vancouver.   A stunning geomagnetic phenomenon it lights up over Vancouver a number of times in the year. The best period is around the month of September with the perfect location to see it being the Spanish Banks along the northern shoreline.

Ride a hackney in Stanley Park: It is among the finest parks in Canada, with the best way to explore the park area being to hop aboard a hackney carriage for a leisurely ride. The famous Stanley Park Horse-Drawn Tours is a regular feature of the park that takes visitors in old style horse wagons through different areas of the park. Couples can choose from a variety of private carriages along with a Cinderella themed coach, making it a very romantic experience. There are private rides on offer in the period between February to November.

Experience the amazing views from Prospect Point: This is among the most prominent viewpoints in Vancouver and is situated at the northeast end of Stanley Park. The area has been famous as a viewpoint for over a century. It offers spellbinding views of the Lions Gate Bridge that links Stanley Park to the North section of Vancouver. Visitors are treated to views of cruise ships sailing across the Burrard Inlet and pass under the bridge. For those that feel like a drink when in the area there is a bar and restaurant for visitors to have a drink and dine while watching the brilliant views.

Catch an aerial view of the city by seaplane: One of the best ways to get a new perspective of the city and the Gulf Islands is to take a seaplane ride over them. The rise gives visitors a unique opportunity to catch a glimpse of snow-capped peaks in the backdrop, waterways, high rises of the city, lush forests and the ocean. Some flights take off from the south end of Vancouver Island along with numerous tour operators offering flights from Canada Place as well. The Harbour Air Seaplanes offer some of the best aerial tours. There are different package tours available to cater to all types of budgets.

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