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Keeping Up To Date With Canada’s COVID Response
4 Dec

Keeping Up To Date With Canada’s COVID Response

Canada has seen many changes over the past few months in response to the COVID 19 pandemic. With rules having tightened into a stricter lockdown, guests and residents in Vancouver will see a relaxing of the regulations after the 7th of December. Now then, is a better time than any to prepare for what to expect in terms of travel during the Christmas holidays.

Whether you’re planning on visiting friends and family, or just stopping by for a weekend retreat at the 2 bedroom hotel suites in Vancouver, it’s time to swot up during lockdown. Below is some travel information the government has verified, and some of the facts that will remain up in the air until after the Vancouver lockdown ends.

Travelling To And From Canada

There are new restrictions in place between November and December the 7th, tightening the regulations and security of those travelling into and out of Canada. These restrictions may vary from travel hub to travel hub, dependent entirely on the COVID 19 infection rates in the area. Make sure to keep an eye on any spikes in the area you’re planning to visit or travel from within British Columbia. After all, there are 5 main airports in British Columbia and ten provinces throughout the country you can travel to and from.


ArriveCAN app Travelling To And From Canada

Visitors to the L’Hermitage Vancouver flying into and out of the 5 main airports of British Columbia will be required to book or log there departure or arrival through the ArriveCAN app or website. This is to keep a tab on the potential for COVID transmission and anyone who does not track their journey via this method could be denied boarding and even subject to fines.


rail services during covid-19

The rail services of British Columbia have made unprecedented efforts to keep their passengers safe throughout the pandemic. Trains have limited the number of passengers they allow onboard whilst giving your tickets extra flexibility in case of COVID infection updates. This means that whether you’re taking the train to enjoy the downtown Vancouver restaurants or you’re travelling up to the Rocky Mountains, you’ll feel safe and secure with BC train services.

Bus Services

Bus Services During the Covid-19

Whilst travelling on buses in Vancouver, all passengers must wear face coverings and socially distance where possible. Make sure that you don’t take any form of transport if you have been exposed to the coronavirus.

Cruise Ships

Cruise Ships

Cruises have been subject to provincial restrictions since the beginning of the pandemic. As of October, cruises carrying over 100 passengers have been allowed to resume operations along the coastlines of Canada, but all depends on the discretion of the local authorities and the area’s COVID rates. If planning to make a trip by sea to Canada, make sure to check your cruise company’s website for updates.


Sign prevent covid-19 spread, stay home on a scoreboard over highway during corona virus pandemic outbreak lockdown

With L’Hermitage Vancouver parking still available and many great value car parks across the city, driving is still the safest way to explore British Columbia at the moment. Keep an eye on province and region restrictions though, to make sure you’re not disappointed by potential and short notice area closures.