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26 Feb

Get romantic in Vancouver

Mention the most romantic cities in the world and Paris, Rome and even London are generally what come to mind! However, one city in North America-  specifically in Canada, Vancouver, has plenty of romantic places to explore as a couple. With incredible natural beauty and loads of activities, it is the perfect destination to spend a holiday as a couple.

Couples looking for a luxury property to stay will find Vancouver accommodation downtown the perfect choice. The L’ Hermitage Hotel in Vancouver is an excellent choice of luxury hotel to stay in comfort and luxury at an affordable price. The eclectic culinary delights at the in-house L’ Hermitage restaurant are a treat for food lovers.

Some of the things to do as a couple include:

Have a meal at a fine restaurant: The tried and tested candlelit dinner may be clichéd but always is an excellent option. Vancouver has plenty of fine restaurants that offer the perfect romantic ambience for a dinner date. Have a romantic meal at the Bacchus Restaurant and Lounge or cosy up together at Lupo in Yaletown. For stunning views of the North Shore Mountain Range head for a waterfront dinner at Five Sails.

Spend time on the beach: There is perhaps nothing more romantic than to spend quality time together as a couple, enjoying a leisurely stroll along the beach in the evenings. The sounds of the waves with the setting sun in the background offer the perfect romantic setting like none other. Some of the top beaches to visit include Sunset Beach Park, Kitsilano Beach and Spanish Banks Beach Park.

See breathtaking views: Couples can board the Sky Gondola in Squamish and enjoy the magnificent backdrop, which makes for the perfect romantic setting. There are fantastic views of Howe Sound and even wonderful though daunting hiking trails to explore. The Sky Suspension Bridge is another amazing attraction to climb and enjoy the surrounding views. There are a variety of activities to choose from including yoga, snow-shoeing, rock climbing etc. There also are free tours of the area to join.

Join a wine tour: A wine tasting tour is a great way to spend time with your partner while sampling some of the best North American Wines on a tour of local wineries. One of the best places to take the wine tour is the Vancouver Urban Winery that offers an amazing variety of more than 35 wines, which include wine from its in-house winery as well as other wineries across the province.

Go on a biking tour: One of the best ways to explore the length of the amazing Vancouver Seawall is to hire bikes and set off on a ride together as a couple. It is a fabulous way to enjoy the stunning scenery all along the route. There are plenty of biking trails in Vancouver including Sunset Beach, Stanley Park and Central Valley Greenway etc. There also are some excellent biking spots along the Seawall as well. Couples can even hire a tandem and enjoy the unique experience riding a tandem bike.

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