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A Sport Lover’s Guide To Vancouver
18 Jan

A Sport Lover’s Guide To Vancouver

Vancouver is a pretty incredible city for many reasons- the mountains that surround it, the temperate rainforest that coats the hills and the stunning channel islands to name a few.

It is also home to many of Canada’s best sports teams, so if you’re visiting the city and staying in the stunning L’ Hermitage Hotel Vancouver, home to some of the best 2 bedroom hotel suites Vancouver offers, then you should make the effort to catch a game.

Let’s take a look at some of the professional sports you can watch whilst you enjoy your family Vancouver family accommodation.

Vancouver Warriors

Many believe that the national sport of Canada is ice hockey- and with good reason.

But in actuality, lacrosse is the national sport; and the one with the most support around the country.

The Warriors compete in the NLL along with many other Canadian and American teams. Just like the NFL the league is split into western and eastern leagues that compete for the overall championship.


The Canucks are arguably the most popular team in Vancouver. Tickets constantly sell out and some of the NHL’s biggest stars come to play throughout the season.

Hockey is a fast paced and brutal game, but the skill and precision of the players is something that has to be seen to be believed.

Grab a ticket and enjoy the amazing atmosphere of the Rogers Arena, just down the road from your room in the Vancouver Hermitage Hotel.

BC Lions

The BC Lions are the team that represent British Columbia in the Canadian league, as different provinces are pitted against each other.

The rules are slightly different to American Football, but the passion and ferocity with which the game is played is exactly the same.

See some of the biggest names in the Canadian sporting world battle it out.

Vancouver Whitecaps FC

The Vancouver Whitecaps are one of the most popular soccer teams in Canada. They compete in the American Major League Soccer tournament over the course of the summer.

Soccer is not one of Canada’s favorite sports, but the fan base is ever increasing and the games are amazing to watch.

The skill level of the players is high, and they are the only Canadian soccer team to qualify for the MLS Cup Playoffs.

Vancouver Canadians

The Vancouver Canadians are Vancouver’s very own baseball team- although they don’t play in the Major League.

The games are still of very high quality and baseball fans from all over the country love to watch them play.

Their ground is renowned for having a great view and many tourists choose to go and watch their games.

Sporting Vancouver   

So there you have it, the best options for sport in Vancouver.

If you’re visiting the city from abroad then catching an ice hockey game is a must, and the atmosphere is something that can only be found in Canada.

If you’re visiting with the family and looking for new sports then Lacrosse and soccer are great options for the kids. Spark a new passion and return in style to your stunning family accommodation at L’hermitage Hotel.