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Everything You Need To Know About The Capilano Suspension Bridge
10 Sep

Everything You Need To Know About The Capilano Suspension Bridge

Vancouver, on the West coast of Canada, is not only the owner of a beautiful cityscape and 4 star hotels in Vancouver Downtown, but many kilometers of stunning natural landscapes too. From the snowy peaks of the nearby Whistler mountain to Stanley Park overlooking the Burrard Inlet, there’s plenty to keep you exploring the great outdoors of British Columbia.

Guests of hotels near Stanley Park needn’t travel far to get a dose of nature though, not only do they have the historic nature reserve and cycling trail right on their doorstep, but the Capilano Suspension Bridge just 9 kilometers away. This blog will explore why this Victorian era suspension bridge to the north of the city is such a popular tourist attraction and what you can see from its heady heights.

What Is The Capilano Suspension Bridge?

It may be a simple suspension bridge, but Capilano attracts more than 1.2 million visitors a year thanks to its beautiful views over the Capilano River. At 70 meters above the river, Capilano offers stunning views over the historic woodlands and beautiful river. With a teep curb and transparent floor, the bridge can be very disorientating to walk across, and has been used in many TV shows such as MacGyver, Sliders and Psych.

History Of The Capilano Bridge

Originally built in 1889, the Capilano Bridge was actually built by a Scotsman, George Grant Mackay. With an original hemp rope design with wooden planks, the bridge was replaced with a more stable wire suspension material. By 1935, the bridge had changed owners and Mac MacEachran encouraged local natives to install totem poles around the area, leading to the area becoming a “themed” attraction for tourists. 

This business model was later built upon with the Treetops Adventure park being opened in 2004, which increased visitors exponentially. The treetop walk and adventure area also provides amazing coastal forest views, and is the perfect way to make the most of this outer Vancouver woodland reserve.

How To Get There

Guests of the Hotel L’Hermitage Vancouver can reach the Capilano Suspension Bridge via car through Stanley Park and up Capilano Road. There are also a number of bus services and taxis that run to this popular area. Cyclists will also enjoy the combined panoramas of Stanley Park and the Capilano Forest, though we’d recommend locking up your bike before crossing the bridge! 

What You Can See

Alongside the bridge, visitors can enjoy a range of shows and events throughout the year at Capilano Suspension Bridge. During the winter months, the Canyon Lights bring a magical, festive sheen to the park whilst the Raptors Ridge Bird of Prey show between June and October brings spectators face to face with wildlife of Canada. 

Capilano River

Guests of hotels near Stanley Park Vancouver with a penchant for hiking will not be disappointed by what’s on offer along the Capilano River. Starting within the Capilano Mountain in Furry Creek and leading into the Burrard Inlet, there are a range of easy and moderate hiking trails through the canyons and creeks of the area. Moreover, watersports enthusiasts can enjoy boating, fishing and kayaking along the banks of the river.